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writing..sample task order letter

2. SAMPLE TASK ORDER LETTERExhibit _____ Date: ______________ State Fiscal Year: ________ Task Order Letter No. _______________ In accordance with Paragraph _____ of contract routing number (FY) (agency) (routing #) between the State of Colorado Department of Human Services, (division) and (contractor’s name) covering the period of (contract start date) through (contract end date) the undersigned agree that the supplies/services affected by this task order letter are modified as follows: Task Order DescriptionThe contractor shall perform the task in accordance with (the following specifications/statement of work) described in the contractor's task order proposal dated _______, as amended by amended task order proposal dated ______________, both of which are hereby incorporated by reference. Price/CostThe maximum amount payable by the State for (service/supply)described above is ($ ). The total contract value to include all previous amendments, task orders, etc., is ($ ___) Performance PeriodThe contractor will complete the performance in this task order by __________________. This task order is executed pursuant to Paragraph ____ of the original contract. The parties agree that all work shall be performed according to the standards, procedures, and terms set forth in the original contract. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between this amendment and the original contract, such conflict or inconsistency shall be resolved by reference to these documents in the following order: Special Provisions, original contract, attachments/exhibits to the original contract, this task order letter, attachments/exhibits to this task order letter. The effective date of this task order is upon approval of the State Controller or (date), 20__, whichever is later. Please sign, date, and return all copies of this letter on or before ___________________ 20____. Contractor Name: State of Colorado: Bill Owens, Governor By: ________________________ By: _____________________ Date: ________ Name ______________________ For the Executive Director Title _______________________ Colorado Department of Human Services ALL CONTRACTS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE STATE CONTROLLERCRS 24-30-202 requires that the State Controller approve all state contracts. This contract is not valid until the State Controller, or such assistant as he may delegate, has signed it. The contractor is not authorized to begin performance until the contract is signed and dated below. If performance begins prior to the date below, the State of Colorado may not be obligated to pay for goods and/or services provided.State Controller, Leslie M. ShenefeltBy: ________________________________ Date: _______________________________ Date Issued: February 10, 2003

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