Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

4 reason love is more important than career

What are the reasons you need to be concerned with love than a career?

1. Dating will not bother your career

Spend time with your partner only for 1-2 hours a day will not make your work unfinished. If you can find a partner who truly understanding, he also will not force you to go out on when you are very busy.

If a couple really care, of course he'll understand your situation. For example, when you actually are working on important projects in the office, he will support that activity.

2. Have someone make you happier

Like this picture, you're working on a long-term project that is consuming a lot of time and energy. You are very busy. You sink into depression. Well, imagine if you have a partner who then come and bring you food. Of course, this could ease the stress that you experience due to work piling up.

3. Marriage is not going to divert your attention

If a marriage involves a creative and busy person, married couples need to support each other, not mutually obstruct each other. In addition, the presence of children will not interfere with your career, it will make your life more colorful.

4. Rich or poor is not the main issue

Love is not about money. It's about togetherness. Thankful that at least you're together and work with each other.

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